Health Insurance Over the Years

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I have worked for a variety of companies over the years that have offered health plans, though I have never had to look for a private Health Insurance plan I still take the care and carefully review all the HealthCare options my companies have provided. I work for big companies so often there are 4 or more HealthPlan options as choices.

I have used or looked into a variety of Health Care providers including: United Healthcare, bcbsnc, Healthnet, Aetna and several other health plans for a period of time. The most important thing to consider when choosing a health plan is to find one that fits your budget (how much out of your paycheck) and keep in mind the copayment costs of medical services. HMO’s used to cover 100% cost except for a copay, but many of them now have the copays plus you will owe 10% – 20% out of pocket for hospital stays, surgeries and more.

So no matter what state you live in and which company you look for you should compare your health insurance costs, copays, rates and what services are covered.

-Justin Germino

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