Last Day of Fall Break

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My oldest son who is six enjoyed the last week off from school, but he was bored most of the day around the house. His mother and I both work from home and although we are around we are busy and our son still has trouble entertaining himself without asking for attention or always needing something. It is funny because our youngest son is able to play by himself and keep himself entertained without as much need for attention.

My favorite time is when I can take the boys to the playground after work and we play swords or knights and monsters, chasing each other around with foam blades pretending to defend castles. We do this every day or other day and it is a great way to just burn off energy and slip into a role playing fantasy world with the kids and just laugh and run around.

Though he may have been bored and I didn’t have as much time to play with him during his fall break as I would have liked, his school is doing so well for him now that we switched him to a new school and I am looking forward to him getting back to his academic studies. We have been having him do a few hours of school work each day on fall break. My wife is much better at keeping him focused and on this structured routine.

-Justin Germino

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