Kindle Fire HDX Connection Problem to Linksys RE1000 Wireless Extender

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I wish I could go into this post saying that I found a solution to this problem, but only that I can reproduce the issue on a Kindle Fire HDX that others have reproduced on Kindle Fire HD.

This is the Amazon thread I found where a few users reported problems getting various Kindle Fire devices to work with Wireless Range Extenders.  One such product mentioned is the Linksys RE1000 which is the exact same Wireless extender I recently purchased as well.

The problem is that the Kindle Fire HDX and other Kindle Fire devices are not able to establish and maintain a connection to the Wireless Range Extender and instead keep repeatedly dropping the connection or won’t connect at all.  In looking at what seems to be happening, rather than automatically picking up the nearest and strongest signal it looks like the Kindle keeps trying to bounce between the main router and the wireless range extender constantly which causes it to keep it’s cycle of constantly dropping and trying to reconnect.

Some people mentioned you have to use a Dual Band Wireless Extender for the Kindle Fire HDX and HD to work with a range extender, I could have tried the Linksys RE2000 which is Dual Band, but didn’t want to spend the money yet until I can be assured it would work especially when the Linksys RE2000 has a ton of terrible reviews on Amazon and only an average 2 star rating.

I see the ASUS EA-N66 seems to be a really good Wireless Extender but needs some configuration so I may purchase one of these to extend the Wi-Fi in the home at some point to replace the RE1000, I haven’t seen anything about Kindle Fire HDX or other Kindle Fire issues connecting to these.

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