How to Contact Companies to Request Product Reviews

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I did a guest article on Basic Blog Tips where I presented ideas on how to contact companies to request products to review and share with your readers, this helps build relationships with brands and partnerships and can improve your reputation as an online blogger and personality as well as raise awareness for your willingness to partner with brands.  This is an especially good thing if you are a blogger who wants to partner with brands and be able to forge relationships with companies in the hopes of monetizing your online personality and blog.

I encourage you to stop by and read the article and share your thoughts:

I am considering making it a series and will focus on how to write effective product reviews as subsequent articles covering various types of potential reviews including services, products, software and games.  As you have to review different products separately but all get approached in the same style as far as I am concerned.

I even gave a sample initial contact letter you can use and email to companies and advertisers as a potential means of introducing yourself.

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