3 Typing Tests To See How Fast You Type

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There are easily dozens of typing tests available on the Internet, as any quick Google search can show you. The question is which ones are reliable. If you’re looking to test to see how fast you type, below are the three best typing tests that we have found, though personal experience. Try them out and see if you agree.


10 Fast Fingers. (www.10fastfingers.com)

10 Fast Fingers is one of many websites that offers both typing tests and lessons to help improve typing speed and accuracy. What makes it different is that instead of presenting you with a section of text from a fable or well known story, the test on 10 Fast Fingers is a string of random words. This may actually offer the most accurate test of your typing speed, as it does not include punctuation, and only the most basic of capitalization. It is, in essence, a test of letters only.

Once complete, the test gives you a breakdown of correct and incorrect words and keystrokes. This website is also handy if you run a blog or a website, as once you’ve completed your test, it gives you an embeddable HTML code with your score and a challenge for all takers to try and beat your score. If you’re looking for more of an active challenge though, check out the next entry on our list.

TypeRacer. (www.typeracer.com)

TypeRacer is one of the most popular typing programs on the Internet. It pits typists against others with comparable speed and skill in what breaks down into a series of typing tests. Each test starts with between 2 and 4 racers, racing each other and the clock to be the fastest to type a quote or turn of phrase. Most of these are taken from pop culture, with the source listed below the quote. After each race, you are given a breakdown of that race’s typing speed and accuracy. Though you can play as a guest, creating an account gives you the option of keeping track of your average score and all of your previous races.

A dedicated racer can race through movie quotes and book passages as fast as their fingers can carry them. In addition to all the fun and games, they offer typing lessons for beginners to get you up to fighting speed. TypeRacer also offers programs for teachers to use that gives their students the same fun typing lessons as they would get on the website, but enables them to create a private room for their student’s use. While it appeals to the student’s sense of competition, it can also be used to teach other subjects, as the texts that are typed can be selected and specified by the teacher.

Ratatype (www.ratatype.com)

From its blue-clad spandex superhero to its user friendly interface, Ratatype is one of the easiest and most accurate typing tests to use on the Internet. All of its lessons and tests are available for free, and this website also has the added bonus of offering printable certificates that attest to your typing speed and accuracy. Because saying you type 80 words per minute is nice, but having a lovely certificate to show a potential employer is nicer.

There aren’t a lot of bells and whistles on Ratatype, and that’s part of its charm. There are no overblown lessons, no page after page of typing games or things to distract you. It makes the website very easy to navigate, even for the newest computer user. There are four simple options. Typing Tutor, Typing Test, Learn, and High Scores. Easy, right? No doubt as to where you would need to go to find what you’re looking for.

The advent of the Internet made learning to type a necessity, and there are many jobs now that cannot be done without at least a basic knowledge of touch typing. These three websites have quickly come to the forefront when it comes to learning how to type properly. It is a skill that no one can afford to live without, so what’s stopping you from taking that first step?

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Adam Fort is an education enthusiast. His goal is to help kids around the world to learn touch typing.

Updated: January 11, 2014 — 10:37 am