Seven Years Old Already!

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Today is my son’s seventh birthday and I am just floored by how fast he is growing up.  You can never be truly prepared for what life is like as a parent until you actually become one.  The antics, the struggles, worries, joys and amazement leave you literally "aged" within a short period of time.

So it was with some amusement that the following little event happened on the weekend.  My two sons who are now 7 and almost 3 had gotten up at 6am and I asked them to go downstairs and watch TV or play on the computer or something while I tried to sleep in a couple of extra minutes.

They wake me up 15 minutes later to say they were watching Chinese Spongebob on the computer and I come downstairs to find my sons are watching a SpongeBob meets Saw video on YouTube and it was quite gory for their ages.  At this point I knew I needed to be more strict on content filtering as my son is quite good at Googling for things he wants to find.  I had installed KidZui but left Firefox on his system with a few bookmarked URL’s for kid friendly game sites, but alas anything short of removing the browsers altogether and locking his user account to one that can’t install software would be the only surefire way to prevent him from having free reign.

Not that I want him to, I want to explore him to be able to leverage the internet to search for what he is looking for, and he often searches for "Strategy Games", Mario games for his brother and other innocent searches. 

Seven years old and I am already having to worry about what he may Google or find on the Internet inadvertently and you bet I told him that YouTube is off limits with adult supervision!

I think I just grew a few more gray hairs, what was I saying about kids making you age faster?

-Justin Germino

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