Funny Retirement Home Names

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Its funny I pass so many retirement homes these days in Arizona (2nd largest retirement state in the Country) that I can’t help but wonder how some of these places get their names like Country Oaks, Shady Acres, Sonoron Palms, and whatenot.  You would think if you were going to run a retirement community or village you would at least be clever and creative with some of the names.  As a tribute I decided to list a few retirement village names, I put these together out of my own brain so if someone thought of them first, I am not stealing them I just happened to think of the same ones.

  1. At Heavens Gate
  2. Village of Future’s Past
  3. Aged Oaks
  4. Roads End Retirement Community
  5. Eternal Peace
  6. Rusty Years
  7. Greeting El Diablo
  8. Nearly Pushing Daisies
  9. Seriously Senior Retirement Village (90+ only)
  10. Out With A Bang Recreation Center
  11. Whittled Down Retirement
  12. Last Century Gated Community

Some of these are just a reach, but you get my point.  There are hundreds of silly community names all related to trees, shade, meadows and such.

-Justin Germino

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