My Top New TV Shows this Fall

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My wife and I enjoy sitting down several nights a week and just watching few TV shows while I rub her feet.  It is our time to just unwind from the stress of working busy days and it has been an activity we have enjoyed doing together for the entire relationship.

We had a pretty busy show schedule but recent show cancellations and summer series finales have left a gap to take in some new shows this week and we decided to try a slew of them.

Here are some of the ones we have watched and my impressions:

The Event

This is a new show on NBC about a plane that mysteriously disappears when it was about to crash into a presidential gathering.  The show has the elements of 24 and Lost and is the next "what is going on" show.  I think it has potential but so many plotlines and side plots could mean viewers can get lost fast if they don’t start from the beginning and follow every episode.

The Chase

This show is fantastic and features a strong woman lead character played by Kelli Giddish.  The show features U.S. Marshall Annie Frost and her team tracking down and catching some of the most heinous villains in the country.  This is one of my favorite new shows of the season.

Mike and Molly

A comedy show about two overweight people who find romance.  We started watching because I think Billy Gardell is funny and it had potential to be funny and clever.  Unfortunately it is full of stereotypical fat jokes, and not nearly as funny as the potential should have been in my opinion.  We were looking for the next King of Queens and this show isn’t it.


This is a show about a couple of retired CIA Operatives who are recruited to rejoin the CIA after a multiyear hiatus.  It has a nice element of a couple working together, bickering on the job, even being distracted by each other.  It is fun, clever and so far seems to be a winner.

The Defenders

Jim Belushi and Jerry O’Connell star as Las Vegas defense attorneys and this show stands out from the rest in its "in your face approach".  The characters jive well with each other and Jim Belushi steals the show with his brash approach to dealing with judges and the courtroom.  In a series of legal shows this one is refreshing and fun.


Jimmy Smits plays a former Supreme Court Judge who retires to defend the little guy against the system.  It has potential, but Jimmy Smits is the best character on the show and I think the weak supporting cast hurts the show. 

The Whole Truth

Rob Morrow and Maura Tierney are the stars of this show about both sides of every legal case.  The show handles each case very different slicing the episode into parts, one part showing how the defense builds a case, one part how the prosecutor builds a case, one part showing the arraignment and the final part the actual courtroom showdown.  The dynamic between the leading stars is great and this is one of the best new legal shows on TV.


There are some good new shows coming out each season and these are some of the new ones I have watched so far this year.  What are your favorite new shows of the season?

-Justin Germino

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