Rating Well on Helium Lately

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I don’t use Helium very often and contribute maybe one poem or article per month just to keep up presence there.  It was a surprise to me when I checked and saw so many of m poems an articles ranked in first place and my earnings are not too bad considering I have so few non-poem articles.  I have one article alone that earned over $15 in pageviews over the year it was published.  If I had 100 articles as successful as this one that would be over $1,500 in pageview earnings in one year!


The one thing about Helium unlike Associated Content is you can only submit original and unique content (at least I had a few poems pulled for being "duplicates") to Helium and you don’t get an upfront payment unless you are entering and win a contest in the marketplace.  Associated Content allows  you to republish some posts and poems on other sites and you can still earn pageviews though Helium pays more for pageviews than AssociatedContent.

Helium does require longer articles typically but I think if you invest in amateur online writing you may have more potential to earn in Helium than over AssociatedContent.  That being said I still have way more content in AssociatedContent because I feel it is easier to contribute to, you can just create a new article from scratch instead of having to constantly find headlines and write for specific headlines.  The fact that every headline has competing articles in the same topic means your articles have a harder time of standing out unless voted to be the top article of a headline.

If you are already on Helium or AssociatedContent go ahead and connect with me, I would be happy to add you to my friends network.

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-Justin Germino

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