Kids and School Equals Family Colds

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Last week when one of the boys got sick it rapidly swept through the entire family, but this cold had a short duration and I think it had to do with the higher levels of organically derived liquid vitamin c I am taking lately. My wife was pounding down over 5,000mg of vitamin c capsules per day and I just derived mine from drinking it in liquid form.


Of course liquid form is easier to digest and gets processed faster than having to digest the hard pills which they normally come in which is maybe a theory on why the cold didn’t last as long but it could just be other factors too.  Vitamin C is generally a good to have supplement all the time as it helps fight free radical damage as well as support the immune system, you don’t have to wait just until you are sick to have some extra vitamin C in your system.

If you aren’t getting enough vitamin c from nutrition you should consider adding a supplement that you take, it is water soluble so leaves the body fast and is why you should take a dose every day to keep your vitamin c levels replenished.

I have taken vitamin c in so many forms over the year and I prefer it in liquid form instead of the hard pills, I also used to take vitamin c gummies just to vary it up a bit over the years. 

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