Free Blogging Advertising Template to Show Clients

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Being the fact that I run so many web properties I have templates and spreadsheets to hold much of the information that need to quickly show advertisers or potential clients at a moment notice, these could be analytics showing my traffic and visitors to my rates if a client wishes to purchase a featured article or a review on one of my properties or social media channels.

One of these templates I use I am offering for free to other bloggers if you are looking for something just easy to manage that has most of the information an advertiser looks for at your fingertips, just customize the template to suit your own online properties and it works from 1 – any number of blog sites you own.

I included instructions on how to update the template too if you need to.


At it’s core, it is simply a table of your site information, your contact information, stats, and your rates that you charge.  Domain Authority is increasingly becoming a number that advertisers are looking at over PageRank so this is definitely one you want to make sure is updated, the higher the number the better and anything over 50 is really good.

All you have to do is,

  • Replace Property #x with the name of your website (include URL of base domain) like
  • Replace [Your Name] with your actual full name
  • Replace [Your Email] with your actual email
  • Replace [PR#] with the PageRank for this site ( to lookup your PR)
  • Replace [PV #] with your average monthly pageviews from last
  • 3 months from Google Analytics, must be able to back up with proof.
  • Replace [DA #] with your domain authority for the site, use to lookup DA
  • Replace [Social Media Channel] with your strongest social media channel links
  • Replace [3rd option] with a 3rd sale option like [link in old post, or write you a guest post for another site]
  • Replace [YouTube Video or Other] with some sort of other media content creation option you are selling
  • Save Document and cut/paste the info to share to advertisers, potential clients and more
  • If you have more sites, just select A16 – D21 and then copy, then insert under Row 22 and keep inserting to add more properties.

Here is the advertising template in excel format if you want to use it for yourself.

Download the advertising-template and let me know if you find it useful.

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