Google Analytics and Your Channels

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Some major changes to Google Analytics in the past few days and one of the most noticeable to blog owners was changing the traffic to channels and the delineation between referral traffic and social traffic now.


You can see in the social networks it now includes all social media channels, though strange how it considers deviantART a social channel rather than a referral website.  Even Disqus commenting system is considered a social network if traffic comes in from Disqus and this shows you my top social connections for last 30 days on DragonBlogger.

The other section still includes some thing Google doesn’t understand, like, buffer and twitterfeed should fall under Social as those are networks that broadcast to social networks alone. is Twitter’s URL shortener and Google should know better than to put that under other.


I have seen a lot of referral traffic from even though I never directly touched this site, logged in or even visited it to my knowledge.  I also get a surprising high amount of referral traffic from even though I don’t really know how other than when I have posted questions or answers on the comments in articles.


You still get information that you need, and one thing to pay attention to is just how much mobile and tablet traffic you are getting which I see steadily increasing on Dragon Blogger Technology and just shows how much the browser landscape is changing and how rapidly.

imageAbout 1/3 of all visits to are now coming from mobile devices, this has to change your strategy in how you market and advertise, and my entire theme structure is very different on a mobile device with WP Touch Pro, but I also found it doesn’t always consistently and reliably work.

Take some time and learn the new Google Analytics information and lay out, see how you can leverage that data to help drive decisions and goals for your blogs and see where your traffic strengths lie and get ideas where you can be spending more time to help further reaching a target audience for your channels.

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Updated: October 12, 2013 — 8:12 am