Keeping Life Balance in an Age of Social Media

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Ping, ping, ping, there goes your tweetdeck alarm, ping, your phone, a text message, ping, your email, ping, a comment on your blog.  All day long the bells are ringing, calling for your attention, asking you to read here, check that, what about this.  And of course you can’t forget to actually produce content for your site, research, brainstorm.  Finally you sit down to write that idea that’s been brewing in the back of your mind when your son walks up to you, can we please play?  And so goes modern life for connected individuals, those of us with active social media profiles, blogs, smart phones, and active life.

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Any given day you can be pulled in not just a 100 but a 1000 different directions.  Where do you invest your time?  Do you make time for your children, as they’ll be grown and gone before you know it?  What about the business that you need to grow in order to feed the children that will be grown and gone?  All of the possible connections you can make any given day by socializing through social media channels?

It is the era of balance.  It is essential to keep all of these aspects of modern life in balance with each other, all of them advancing slowly, but surely.  Investing too much in one to the detriment of another can lead to more chaos.

So how to keep it all balanced?  Here are some suggestions:

  1. Every morning, before you start your day, spend 10 minutes clearing your mind.  Meditation, or pray, or just breathe.  Bring some space into your mind and a positive spin to your day.
  2. Write down a todo list for the day.  Everything that you have pending, for all of the different aspects of your day.  Need to write a blog post?  Check.  Need to take the kids to a doctor’s appointment?  Check.  Need to pick up groceries? Check.  Need to check your tweeter messages?  Check.  Write it all down.
  3. Prioritize everything and try to break the day down into sections.  Schedule it all out so you can plan on hitting all of the most important things on your list.
  4. User your smart phone to set up a series of alarms.  As your time is up for each given task, respect the alarm, and move on to the next step.
  5. At the end of the day, spend a few minutes visualizing your future.  Don’t limit yourself, dream big.  What goals do you have in your interactions with your children?  How do you want to see your business grow?  Utilize the power of positive thinking.

It is no easy feat to survive in today’s Ping-oriented society.  Learning balance is key to staying afloat, above and beyond the alarms of our phones, computers, and jobs.

About the Author

Marcela De Vivo is a writer and internet marketer blogging at  She has been an internet marketing consultant since1999 and has learned to balance children, SEO, social media, and life.

Updated: May 30, 2012 — 8:54 am