Designing a T-Shirt for Blog

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I wanted to giveaway T-Shirts for various milestones in contests and was working on some of my logo’s recently.


I have the logo for the front of the shirt looking good, but still have some issues with the back logo having a clear coat that seems to add shine over the whole logo.


I am working to touch up the logo and see if I can remove that clear/shiny that shows up around the dragon on the back of the shirt.  I am hoping to have it finished and my final prototype shirt done in June sometime.

Meanwhile, I will kick off a test contest giving one away with a new plugin I am testing for WordPress called Contest Domination which can do some things that Rafflecopter can’t like let you pick a winner based on who collected the most entries as well as integrate a mailing list signup as a contest entry method.

Of course I am wondering, will anyone want a Dragon Blogger Technology T-Shirt?  Or is this just a waste of time and useless prize?

-Justin Germino

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