The Best Banana Chips Ever

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It isn’t every day that I find a new snack product that I just rave about, but when my wife purchased these air dried banana chips the other day and I tasted one I couldn’t believe how much flavor they had.

They are the Chiquita Fruit Chips and literally I have never tasted a dried fruit snack that was so incredible. They are not dehydrated and hard like banana chips are, they is no frying, no oil and they are just pure banana slices that are never freeze dried and air crisped (whatever that means).


They taste just like fresh ripe banana but they have a crunchiness to them that is not as hard as a dehydrated banana chip.  Even better is if you look at the ingredient label you will see the only ingredient for the entire bag is “1 banana” nothing else, NOTHING else for ingredients.  No added anything.

The tropical mix is next on my list to try and is the only bulk pack you can get on  These make the ultimate snack for being on the road or late night where you want to eat something sweet but not have the guilt or extra sugar.

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-Justin Germino

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