JustinGermino.com Breaks 1000 RealRank

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This week marked a huge milestone for my personal blog. I was able to see <1000 RealRank for the first time ever as my personal blog is starting to approach 80 unique visits per day on average. This is still 1/5 as much traffic as my flagship blog, but I do ZERO promotion for my personal blog other than twitter updates and rarely submits to BlogEngage.  So this is almost 80 unique visits per day by just keyword and mostly from Google Searches, I also do some very specific Arizona articles which captures some local searches.

The reason why I am so excited about this milestone is that to qualify for many opps on SocialSpark being under the 2k, and then under the 1k mark give you access to making some decent money from your blog. Also, in addition to this milestone, my blog is now listed as the #7 out of top 100 blogs in the “Men’s Interest” category on Izearanks.

One of the reasons I started 3 blogs at the same time a year and a half ago was to help cover more topics if interest and it I am glad that my personal blog has picked up quite a reader base considering I don’t promote it often. Now that this blog is banned from PayU2Blog it comes as good timing to get some decent rankings so I can start earning some extra money from it. My next goal is to see if justingermino.com can break the 100k Alexa mark.

-Justin Germino

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Updated: January 19, 2010 — 6:43 pm