Wife and I Are Going On a One Week Detox Diet

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My wife had read an article in the latest Glamor magazine about a healthy 1 week Detox plan that was to help clean your digestive tract out and increase your energy and overall health. The plan claimed you can lose up to five pounds in a week, but my wife doesn’t need to lose any weight. We both eat plenty of vegetables like salads with almost every meal and eat tons of fruit, but we both also eat relatively unhealthy by consuming far to much fast food and processed foods.

This diet involves eating “closer to the Earth” meaning as fresh as possible, and she bought a huge tub of Greek Yogurt (I am going on this diet even though I have lactose intolerance) as well as twelve different types of vegetables and six different types of fruits and berries. Only having oatmeal, granola, fruit or yogurt for breakfast, followed by healthy starches and grains for lunch and a dinner than can consist of lean poultry or seafood like salmon and shrimp, but no red meat for a week.

This diet also includes a detox tea every day that is supposed to improve liver function with licorice, fennel and other herbs to help digestive function.

I can stand to lose a little weight as I had packed on about ten pounds over the last year, I am up to 170 when my lowest was 159 but this diet can be a good thing and one rule about changing your eating habits is that having a partner truly increases your odds for success.

Last night we had the following for dinner:

  • Broiled Salmon with herb butter
  • a whole sweet potato with spices on the side (olive oil drizzled on top)
  • Lima beans and corn mixture
  • Desert was Raspberries, Blueberries, Orange slices and apple slices on a little bit of Greek yogurt.

I have to be honest, this is the best tasting diet I have ever been on so far.

It helps having a wife who is a Le Cordon Bleu certified chef, she can make the worst diets among the most pleasurable of experiences. She also runs one of the best cooking blogs on the web if you didn’t know. Check out The Chef’s Cookbook for my wife’s original recipes and articles to help anyone learn to cook French cuisine or get creative cooking ideas.

-Justin Germino

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