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I wrote a detailed article on the YouSayToo AdSense revenue sharing network that I joined a few weeks ago and have to say that the site is very easy to use and also includes the ability to bookmark and import your favorite flash games.

Hundreds of online flash games can be found in a variety of categories on YouSayToo.  The site also has really nice page load times as well as clever integration of ads.  There are lots of ads on the articles, but it all seems to fit together like a well designed puzzle.  The ads are not overly intrusive and no annoying popups or ads that block parts of the readable content.  Overall I think the site design of YouSayToo is pretty good.

YouSayToo is an online social network for bloggers that lets you find posts to read based on interests, but also lets you list your blogs, create new blog posts, import your blog feeds or even import other peoples blog feeds so you can keep track of them on

YouSayToo does do AdSense Revenue Sharing as well as Amazon Affiliate Revenue sharing.  The site also lets you choose to donate your revenue to charity if you want.

Connect with me, Justin Germino on YouSayToo and if you haven’t started using this online networking site to promote your blogs yet, then now is the time to start.

-Justin Germino

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