Don’t Be Content if You Need Change

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Life is about decisions and choices and realistically I am one of those people who doesn’t think you should have suffer day by day doing something that doesn’t make you happy.  If you find yourself in a routine or situation where your enjoyment of life is just not there you need to first examine if your feelings are justified and not a symptom of true depression (make sure the grass is really greener on the other side and look at your issue with perspective).

This can be applied to virtually every facet of what you do and includes:

  • Job
  • Relationship
  • Hobbies
  • Behaviors
  • Personal

Life is far too short and I believe that we are a collection of our experiences in life, you have to exit the world having tried everything as possible and really "lived" your life.  Other than the occasional bad day or week, look at your year and define whether or not 80% of your days were "happy" or good days, if they aren’t then look at what you can change or tweak to increase the number of days you are happy.  Don’t do anything rash without seriously considering the outcome of any such decisions, and don’t do anything irresponsible just because you are unhappy.  Sometimes responsibility overrides happiness until you can find a compromise.

I myself try to constantly improve, tweak and adjust what I see as my own shortcomings, limitations or behaviors I would rather not have or repeat.  I use my own analytical way of thinking to critique and brainstorm ways to remove my unwanted traits (though some take much longer to resolve than others).

Don’t be content to suffer or be unhappy if you can make some simple adjustments to help you enjoy your days more.  If you feel consistently unhappy all the time, make sure you look into whether it is environmental or psychological as in some cases it can be a sign of real depression or chemical imbalance in your brain chemistry. 

-Justin Germino

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