Incentivibe Continues to Prove a Good ROI

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In the 3rd week of September I started testing the Incentivibe platform which allows you to run sweepstakes on your blog, where for $25 per month you get to offer $500 value prizes because you are sharing the prize cost with other hosts in the platform, so the consolidated hosts all have their own choice of prize and about 20-30 hosts combine to offer a fantastic prize.  The prizes include a $500 Paypal gift card (a fan favorite) or $500 Amazon gift card or an iPad Mini and more, new prizes will be added soon.

I did an extensive review of Incentivibe on DragonBlogger read it here and want to follow up after now being in the platform for more than a month.


In about 1 month my first $25 got me over 3,059 email leads added to my newsletter, in 1 month I got 951 Twitter followers, 505 Facebook likes, 1357 retweets and 1642 Facebook shares. This means that my $25 investment had a better return than any other platform I have ever tried, including running direct giveaways myself.

I originally thought readers would be annoyed by the pop-ups but I got 0 complains and so many readers and fans thanked us for giving them the chance.  The only thing that isn’t a huge plus for Incentivibe is because there are so many co-hosts for each giant prize that the odds are really low for any one person entering, lower than a traditional single host giveaway, but a chance is a chance and the host is paying $25 per month to be able to offer that chance for a reader or fan to enter and win a fantastic prize which is a great thing.

Incentivibe rocks, and I just love the platform.  As I see it grow and evolve I can’t wait to see more features added to the product, these features include:

  • Better reporting and analytics, being able to run custom date range reports, instead of only seeing lifetime totals and last 2 weeks email collection.
  • Customized Prizes, being able to offer hosts the ability to set a custom $500 prize pack of their choice, instead of one of the platform defaults.
  • Removing individual giveaway code from specific posts, if you do sponsored posts you want to remove any sort of ad or competing product, so I don’t necessarily want Incentivibe to popup on my other giveaway post at the same time if it was a sponsored one, this interrupts and takes spotlight off an advertiser or partner.
  • Multi-site support, being able to have different plans or options for having the same Incentivibe account be hosted on several sites or move it back and forth between sites without having to have a separate Incentivibe account for each site.
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