Tips on How to Get Rid of Bad Typing Habits

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Doing away with your bad typing habit is probably the hardest thing to do. This is because you’ve probably been using the same typing method ever since you started using the keyboard. However, bad typing habits have impact on our lives in one way or another. It could be at the workplace or at school but the truth is you need to break the habit to succeed in fast typing. With a proper typing service you can get rid of bad typing habits just in 2-3 weeks.

Here are few tips on how to get rid of bad typing habits

1. Assess your typing skills

First, you need to check your current typing skills in order to monitor your typing techniques and see how they affect your overall typing efficiency.

2. Finger placement

Most people type with two fingers which is a very bad typing habit. In order to succeed you need to relearn your finger placement on the keyboard. Use your 10 fingers. Ideally, your index fingers should rest on F and J. Once you place them there, the rest fingers will fall naturally into their required keys.

3. Don’t look at the keyboard

Try to use your muscle memory when typing rather than looking at the keyboard. This might take time but eventually you will succeed.


4. Practice with apps

Typing shouldn’t be stressful, once you learn the right techniques you can practice with numerous typing games offered by various websites.

5 online typing services to help you get rid of bad typing habits




It offers comprehensive typing service to get you using the right hand positioning technique. With it you will be able to do away with bad typing techniques by learning where and how to move your fingers. As you proceed with the training you will benefit from more tutorials and practice sessions that utilize as combination of numbers, letters and symbols to get your fingers flying awesomely over the keyboard.




This tutor offers awesome typing service to help improve your typing skills. You will be trained on proper finger placement and other keyboarding skills. There is a free typing test at Ratatype to evaluate your skills and determine areas that need improvement. To practice the newly acquired skills, you will get numerous typing lessons to keep your skills growing.




Here, you get free online typing tests and the best part is that you don’t have to download or install any software. Once you know your weaknesses, the tutorial works to ensure you get the necessary help to improve your typing skills. Typing games are available to hone your typing skills.



You will learn how to master the home row keys and type without having to look at the keyboard. It has the best typing tests to assess your skills, both good and bad together with speed and accuracy. You can practice using type race with other online gamers and can be linked to social networking sites.



Here, you will do away with bad typing technique in a very amazing way. You will learn to use all your 10 fingers following step by step. Not only will you be able to take excellent typing tests but you will also try numerous typing games to make you more proficient in typing.

With these online typing services, you will surely become a touch typing master.

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Adam Fort is an AU Education Science Center advisor and education activist. His goal is to spread the knowledge about touch typing around the globe.

Updated: October 22, 2013 — 1:03 pm