Finally Hit Level 80 in Guild Wars 2

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Gorghost finally made level 80 last week and I spent all my Karma equipping him with level 3 cultural weapons.


Still don’t have level 80 gear and nothing like Legendary or Ascended items, but will be working on that after I finish the single player story campaign.  I also really like the Halloween events and had a great time playing in the PVP villager vs. lunatic combats which give you some great reward for playing and are a fun an unique challenge.

I have yet to see the villager side ever win once, the lunatics always slaughter the villagers from my experience.

Next goal is the 3,000 achievement point goal, meanwhile my 10 year old recently dove into World of Warcraft again and has taken a break from Guild Wars 2 for that classic monument of a game. I was curious to try Final Fantasy XIV at some point, I have heard good reviews about it too.

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Updated: October 28, 2013 — 9:22 am