Steps to Get Your Google Plus Custom URL

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I have had a custom Google URL Profile page for along time and my profile is but I have been waiting for a long time for the Google Plus custom URL of +DragonBlogger to be offered for my Google Plus Business page but so far nothing has come yet.

Tuan Do from TechWalls wrote up a few really good articles about Google Plus, the first being how to get your custom Google Plus Profile URL.

Tuan wrote a 2nd on what you need to do to get your Google Plus Business page ready for a custom vanity URL, but after doing all of the steps, remember that you are at the mercy of waiting for Google to offer it to you. You can find the steps here.

But I have the site linked, verified and the badge for over 7 months now and still haven’t been offered a vanity URL for my Google Plus Business page.


This is part of the slowly rolling out Google Direct Connect, where if you search on Google and put a business name with a + before it, you will be taken to the business Google Plus page immediately.  Example would be doing +Walmart and going directly to Walmart Google Plus page presumably which is a nice feature, certainly I want to promote instead of the page number I have now which is

Meanwhile I read another article that Google Plus is growing rapidly and over 500 million Google Plus users are leveraging services, though the actual usage of Google Plus itself is around 350-400 million per month.  Clearly Google isn’t backing away from it’s Google Plus strategy and it’s working as stock prices soared about 1k for the first time in history recently.  Are you vesting enough in Google Plus, let me know your strategies and how they have changed lately.

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