In the Mood for Poetry

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Ironically I was traveling earlier in the week and thought the time spent at night in my hotel room would inspire me to catch up and write some articles for my tech blog but instead I found myself inspired and only interested in writing poetry. 

I literally couldn’t get myself in the mood to write for my tech blog, my artistic side wanted to shine through and I churned out about 28 haiku’s and 6 poems in two nights, most of them queued for my poetry blog but some used for random Twitter or Facebook broadcasts or submitting to other poetry sites and contests.

Here was one I decided to post right here:

Spent Creativity

Maybe fate decides my right

it’s not my choice of what to write

my own hand stills at subjects denied

from my brain itself, creation is pried

so I write with no purpose or intent

until my creativity at last is spent

-Poem by Justin Germino

Okay, make this now 7 poems and 28 haiku’s written in 2 days (most of the haiku’s were typed out on my blackberry on a plane and my thumbs were very sore by the time I was done).

Speaking of poetry, you can now follow @poemwatch on Twitter and friend my poetry specific twitter account.

-Justin Germino

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