Adventures in Life

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With drums blearing in the distance, he had no choice but to jump and pray the vines would be there.

I envision life sometimes as an adventure through jungles and much like Tarzan when he first started jumping through the trees and had to rely on vines to swing his way through the forests, we have to swing from moment to moment taking time to not only appreciate the present but also know which direction we want to swing next.

I often tell people in my close circles that I believe we have one life and truly the purpose is to collect as many life experiences as possible before reaching the end.  These life experiences can be whatever your soul would want and for some this involves traveling, others it involves creating or collecting art.

I also realized as of late that journey’s are found in every day adventures that one could find mundane.  Just taking my kids to Peter Piper Pizza for example and engaging them while they play arcades and try to win silly tickets to get cheap plastic toys or vampire teeth is a memory that shall stay in my head for decades. 

One of my greatest adventures lies in the next few months with my wife and I finally travelling to Europe, and more specifically Italy for the first time ever.  We have both dreamed of visiting Rome and at long last after fourteen years of being together we were able to turn this dream into a reality.  I believe live experiences and visiting other countries, cities and cultures help enrich a person and give perspective on the world.  This trip which includes staying 2 days in Rome and a 7 day cruise which will take us to Greece and Turkey as well is a getaway for my wife and I only.  We are fortunate enough to have grandparents to watch our kids so their safety and care is top notch while we will be away.

I do hope in the future to be able to take my sons when they are old enough to other countries and cities so they can get a taste for adventure and life outside of America.  We have taken them on various road trips, camping, California and even a Disney cruise before and though they don’t realize how lucky they are, they do already appreciate and enjoy the experiences and talk about them fondly often.

I do also realize that traveling alone would not be in the cards for me, I really don’t like to go anywhere by myself and had it not been for my wife’s love to travel and most excellent companionship I probably would not have been on a cruise yet or even seen many of the places I have been.  Adventures are best when shared, at least in my case.

So far after this journey there are a few others I would hope to accomplish some day which include:

  • Seeing the Galapagos Islands
  • Visiting Australia
  • Visiting London
  • Taking my family on an African Safari adventure (Disney has some great African safari adventures)

Travels are difficult of course and enduring day long plane flights with kids, losing weeks away from work only to have it pile up can sometimes cause me to dread vacations and travel.  But once my adventure is underway I try to put all work related things and life stresses behind and just give in to the journey.

What are some of your journey’s and adventures you look forward to in life?

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