Still Contributing to Associated Content?

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With the Google Panda update a few months ago I no longer re-use articles for Associated Content on occasion like I used to.  There is no point submitting content that was already published as this won’t benefit Associated Content nor rank well in search engines and therefore provide much benefit to myself either.

I will still continue to contribute original poems and haikus on occasion.  AssociatedContent still has the potential to be a good income earner for those who want to write online but don’t want the hassle of running their own blogs.  There are plenty of writers who make hundreds per month in up front payments as well as those that have so many articles written they make equal amounts in Pageview performance.

At between $2 and $3 per article if they are well written and between 500 and 600 words you can get more for writing articles here than pitching them for freelance on a site like (though I don’t know what countries Associated Content will pay out to).

Still, I earn far more even from my personal blog in AdSense earnings than I do from PageView performance on AssociatedContent but this may not always be the case.  I couldn’t establish a great following over there either as I had to subscribe to others and comment before I could get some people to consider reading and comment back on my articles.  This type of socializing isn’t really well built into the program and communicating with other publishers isn’t as intuitive as a social network.  I do think that AssociatedContent should update the author bio box for the published articles so your LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter profile can be accessible via a click from the article so if you enjoy a user’s writing you can follow them on one of the social networks.

How many of my reader still contribute articles to AssociatedContent?  Have you been affected by the Google Panda update personally with your own article Pageviews decreasing?

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