He Wants to Sell Toys

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So my four year old has had a particular "job" in his mind for the past few weeks where he wants to sell toys as his job.  I asked him specifically do you want to make toys?  But he insists he wants to sell them to other kids and families?

306326gdwvuviwiSo with the mind of an affiliate blogger I was thinking if only he were a few years older, I would help him setup a site where he can hand pick the toys he likes and wants to sell and use like an Amazon affiliate to sell them.  I also considered turning this into a teaching lesson.

I would have my son pick out some toys he wanted to try selling on Amazon.com, and I would do write up and promotion for them on my personal blog.  I maybe create a "kid wish list" or recommendations from a kid type of theme and I would put earnings of sales for his items toward his college or maybe savings for when he is a teenager.

If he were eight or ten, I would have totally encouraged him to start some sort of small entrepreneurship like buying used toys at garage sales and trying to sell them on eBay or his own site.  Skills that would teach him the value of money, buying at discount and selling for profit margins, savings, marketing, sales…etc.  These are lessons that would help him undoubtedly later in life.

In the meantime, he is only 4 and my own entrepreneurial spirit as of late maybe jumping the gun on this one with all these crazy idea’s.

-Justin Germino

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