Image Elevator Plugin Upgraded to Extended License

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For those of you who follow my different blog channels, you know I have talked about the Image Elevator for WordPress already when I first reviewed the free version, then bought the single license and did a full review of that one.  This included a full video demonstration which I will also include here in case you missed it.

Well, the creators of the plugin were so appreciative of my review and detailed coverage that they contacted me and upgraded my license to the extended version free of charge, which means I get to use the premium version of Image Elevator on all of my blogs instead of just which was the primary site where I found the best use for the plugin since I do a lot of screen captures for software and freeware tutorials…etc.

But I also thought how beneficial it would be for my Poetry blog when I need to capture some images/photo’s…etc from the creative commons without having to go through the hassle of saving and downloading them, then uploading them.  There are tons of other uses as well, but there are risks when using this plugin that bloggers should know.  Those are that images are still copyrighted, and when you have the ability to so quickly and easily cut/paste an image from the screen directly into your WordPress blog you may be tempted to just cut/paste an image from anywhere including Google Images or other image searching sites.

You still have to be concerned with image copyright, so make sure you stick to creative commons, public stock images and other things to cut/paste if you are going to use Image Elevator to cut/paste stock photography.  You don’t have to worry about it if you are cutting/pasting portions of software, or your own screen captures, game footage…etc however so unless you are using stock photography specifically you should be OK, though remember you shouldn’t poach an image from another site if you don’t know the source of the image.

This for example was ruled a public domain image because the monkey took a photo of himself!  So cut/pasting this image is fair game.

If you find yourself having to save images, click Add Media in the WordPress editor, click upload just to add images to your posts, you will greatly benefit from the Image Elevator plugin which is well worth the $13 for a single site license.  It also means with this plugin there is almost no reason to use Windows Live Writer anymore vs directly writing your articles in WordPress now.



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Updated: August 29, 2014 — 7:05 am