Card Hunter Needs to Release for iOS

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Lately I have been playing Card Hunter when I can on my spare time, the combination of card game with Dungeons and Dragons Role Playing elements, make the game more fun than your basic turn based card game where you merely use your cards to defeat your opponents cards or hero.  In card hunter you have player characters who collect equipment and the equipment provides cards that your characters draw during turns in combat, the intricate types of spells, weapons, attacks, ranges, armor, blocks and more make the game very entertaining, it reminds me of playing the old board game Heroes Quest except with cards used for actions in combat.

The game is completely free to play and there is no time limits on how much you can play for free, you simply can enjoy it as long as you have a browser that supports Flash which is the crux of the problem.  The new 64 bit Chrome browser doesn’t support flash, nor does any Android or iOS browser natively.  The game simply only works under PC browser and they really should update it to HTML5 or make an iOS and Android compatible version of the game, it is well worth it and easily adapting the right click functions to double click or depressing the finger should be fairly intuitive to port.

Overall, when I am not playing Hearthstone or want something that is more of a cross between an RPG and a card game, I turn to Card Hunter and if you haven’t had the chance to play it yet, then it is worth checking out.  I love how you can go back daily and do the quicker dungeons, some of which only take 2-3 minutes to complete so you really can play in small time chunks which is all that I have available lately.

Learn more and play now at it is worth checking out, trust me.

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