The Evolving Advertising and Marketing Landscape

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It is over the course of the last week and participating in a few surveys, campaigns and seeing some interesting new interactive commercials on video on demand stations that had me thinking on how advertising is evolving not only for an Internet generation but a Internet Media Consuming generation. I found that some of the most engaging types of advertising were not simply static commercials like traditional TV spots but interactive ones that inspire or creatively provide information with teasers to engage and learn more.

This can be from what looks to be a video commercial that interrupts your TV Show watching on a VOD network from the TV stations, where the video mixes with information, text and links as well as questions and accepts your input/answers, even spawning a new tab so that you can check out the advertisers product later at your leisure. I think potentially tying this further into where you are signed up for the service, and your email or social network connected and if you have interest, you can simply opt to receive a notification later so you don’t have to interrupt your show watching and play it later.

There was even a clever commercial I saw by Red Robin where they introduced a “Skip This Ad” button that rolled out during the commercial, but the button would just spawn a popup window to their advertising page in a new window and not actually skip the commercial. It is a clever ploy for sure, though maybe not one to repeat too often as fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

For brand marketing, we already know that if someone who is a friend of yours recommends, likes or is show to be affiliated with a brand it is more likely to influence you to be favorable toward that brand as well, or check it out or ask questions from your friend about the brand. You see Facebook leveraging this by showing who you know that likes brand pages and ads, and it is effective. You also see more brands partnering with Social Media personalities and influencers to help raise brand awareness and run campaigns that arent simply point and click promotions, but established relationship and branding that takes place over a duration of months much like a celebrity who was hired to do a series of commericals or be a spokesperson for a brand in traditional commercials.

How often now are we seeing product placement as well now, in both TV Episodes and Webisodes of shows but also product placement in games are starting to make an all time high. For the people who envy their hero character or favorite games, sometimes getting your brand shown especially tied to a memorable experience in the game can be something that leaves a lasting impression.

What are some of the more creative advertising campaigns you have seen online that stopped and make you think favorably about the company or brand?

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