I Once Lived Near A Crazy Neighbor

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Back when I lived in Mesa when my wife and I bought our first starter home we unknowingly moved next door to what can only be described as a mentally unstable person.  This person befriended us on moving day and was nice at first, quickly becoming bothering and then downright evil.  This person would harass our family for everything they could from trimming branches to fabricating stories, and it got so bad we had to take a restraining order out on this person.

The person only retaliated with a restraining order of their own and got it through a different court, we tried to fight it but lost as this person was a friend of the judge.  The neighbor proceeded to contact city council and complain our structure was not up to code and we had to deal with those issues.

I actually had to install my own wireless security system where I setup some wireless video camera’s monitoring my driveway and entrance just to video tape and see what was being done in front of my house. I caught them parking in front of my garbage can deliberately to block garbage pickup, then drive off after the pickup was missed in addition to them defacing the front of my property.

In the end we decided to sell our first starter home and move away, we barely broke even selling the house and we were lucky because this was before the housing market collapsed.  We sold a home and made nothing off of it just so we could get away from this person.

The lesson here is to try and learn something about your neighbors before you move into a community and purchase a home, take a moment to greet some neighbors and ask some questions about the neighborhood, don’t get trapped like we did.

-Justin Germino

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