Going To See Star Trek

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I can’t help it, I have been a big fan of Star Trek since I was ten years old and my father had us sit down and watch the original Star Trek: The Next Generation. I was hooked on Captain Picard and the rest of the cast, and since then I have gone back and watched every episode of the original classic Star Trek, most of Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and some of Star Trek Enterprise. I have seen all of the films and Star Trek II – The Wrath of Khan, Star Trek IV – The Voyage Home and Star Trek: First Contact are my favorite three films so far.

The new Star Trek movie just looks exciting and I hope it breathes fresh life into the Star Trek series, just like George Lucas did with Star Wars with the prequels, Star Trek needs to invite in a younger audience and regain foothold as one of the best Sci-Fi genres out there. What I always liked about Star Trek was the scientific exploration approach that Star Fleet took on space and exploring the Galaxy.

Here was a future where all of mankind was no longer working just for money, money had become obsolete and people only did jobs that they wanted to do. With food being free thanks to replicators and such, everyone had the ability to do exactly what they wanted. The people who joined Starfleet wanted to become explorers, scientists and see what was “out there” in the universe. It is funny that decades after Star Trek some of the theoretical technologies in the show like Anti-matter are now proven to actually exist.

I am trying not to have high expectations of the new film, but I can’t help it. The entire genre is dependent on this film being a success, and I would like to see it become more prominent again.

-Justin Germino

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