Healthy New Lunch Routine

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IMG_0430 I recently started a new lunch routine to eat healthier and have to give a plug to Green Giant for their Healthy Weight frozen vegetable medleys. These individual frozen veggies come in several variety packs that have only 90 calories per serving or 180 for the whole box (trust me you want to eat the whole box) in one sitting.

So what I do is just fix myself some frozen vegetable medley, and three slices of a lean turkey or chicken breast and I have a lunch that is delicious and has less than 300 calories with two entire servings of vegetables that taste great and some lean protein. You can vary the vegetable selection and meat selection and you intake far less sodium than most frozen microwave lunches, and more vegetables than any sandwiches or most other types of prepacked lunches.

Just one of my lunch recommendations.

-Justin Germino

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