Motorcycles Just Not My Thing

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I know a many coworkers and friends crazy about Choppers, Hogs and the like. They ride around in groups and attend events en masse bragging about the freedom and adventure you get while riding a motorcycle. This just never has appealed to me so much, I don’t enjoy “riding” and speeds combined with the fact that you are likely to suffer far worse injury on a motorcycle vs being in a car really reduces a motorcycle rides appeal to me.

I also know several people who were in motorcycle crashes, some that took months to recover from and left permanent physical and psychological scars. But at least they have their lives, as some people are not so fortunate. It makes me wonder if you got into a motorcycle accident would it be worth calling a Pleasanton motorcycle accident attorney? If you were in an accident and were not at fault, you would need to make sure your expenses, repairs and medical bills were covered.

I don’t know anybody who has actually used an accident attorney, but I can imagine they can help if the other driver does not have insurance, or the insurance is giving you a hard time. Either way, I won’t take chances with a motorcycle anytime soon, just too risky for my blood.

-Justin Germino

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