Hard to Find License to Drive

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So my one of my wife’s favorite movies from the 80’s is License to Drive which starred Corey Feldman and Corey Haim.  As it turns out I was looking into getting this movie on DVD for her but realized that this is an out of print DVD that has become a collector’s item since Corey Haim’s death.

The movie which can sell between $70 and $100 on ebay and various merchants is so out of print that you can’t find a copy cheaper unless I get lucky and find one in Bookmans or on Craigslist. 

In doing more research there may be a new release coming out in Summer of 2011 which may be cheaper, but I wouldn’t have thought that DVD’s of 80’s movies could become such commodities.

This made me think of Laserdisc for some reason, and I had only actually seen 2 movies on Laserdisc.  One was the original Die Hard and the other was Japanese Anime "Akira" I had wondered what happened to the Laserdisc technology and read some information on Wikipedia that it fazed out and was pretty much dropped completely by 2001 though there were movies made for the format up until 2000.

With any luck I can find a cheaper copy of License to Drive on DVD, but I am not betting on it this year.  I just can’t justify spending $70+ dollars for a single DVD movie that isn’t a full season or collection of some sorts.

-Justin Germino

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