Equality Still Lacking in America

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Equality for all, land of the free right?  Despite America being one of the most democratic and equality based nations we are stuck with inequalities that infect our society in the form of ignorance and bigotry.  From homosexuals not allowed to be open and treated equally in the military to their restricted rights in various states for marriage and even to be listed as a partner for health benefits.

It isn’t a liberal or political wing that determines equality, it is a human factor and simply put if you can’t apply equality to all types and fairly then you are segregating sections of society based on beliefs.  Minorities as a term is even ignorant and framing, as it won’t be long before the “English background” America is the minority in a nation when non-English immigrants make up the majority of the population.

Political motives and plays only seek to keep and delay the inevitable directions of the world and the mighty nation that lead the world on so many issues is starting to fall behind other nations on moral issues and ethical issues.  Though the U.S. clearly still has some of the best laws and systems in place compared to many of the hundreds of nations on Earth, we are comparing to the top advancing nations and not what are considered 3rd World nations where that clearly suffer from political and ethical turmoil as a whole.

It is far too easy to breed hatred based on ignorance, it spreads like a wild contagion and a huge example of this is the aftermath of 2011 where attacks against Indians (seriously, Indian’s who have nothing to do with Middle East nations and such) were attacked because they wore a Turban and were associated with terrorist Muslims.

Tolerance for race, gender, religious preference, sexual orientation, beliefs needs to be equal so long as laws aren’t broken.  When laws are broken punishment is metered out with single handed equality for the crime committed.

More tolerance, love and respect in the world is greatly needed for one another and not just abroad, but here at home as well.

-Justin Germino

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