Delicious Turkey Junk Salad

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I have been a big fan of Junk salads for a long time, ever since I lived in a room mate situation and was a teenager. A junk salad is basically a salad you put together from any leftover vegetables, fruits and meats you have in your refrigerator. You can dice it up like a cobb, or leave larger chunks and leafy lettuce like a traditional salad.

My wife even posted about the famous Junk Salad on her food blog with pictures she took of her making one.

Well, one think I had never thought to do was make a Junk salad with leftover Thanksgiving turkey, my wife thought of this herself and created one of the best junk salads I had ever tasted. It had dried cranberries in it, leftover turkey chunks, blue cheese crumbles, seared walnuts, lettuce, hard boiled egg and was just fantastic.

This was an excellent way to leverage leftover Turkey and though it isn’t the healthiest salad when you add blue cheese crumbles, it does pack a ton of protein and nutrients. (Omit the cheese if you want it leaner with less fat).

-Justin Germino

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