Guild Wars 2 One Year Later [Infographic]

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Awesome Infographic posted on the Guild Wars 2 blog that I wanted to reprint for the Guild Wars 2 fans just showing how much has happened in the first twelve months of this great MMO game being officially published.


The sheer amount of content and size of this game is tremendous and all of this from a game that costs a one time purchase with no monthly membership subscriptions and no pay to win transaction elements.  There are some items you can buy and with real money but they add fun and minor boons rather than have any ability to add anything that can make your character beat other characters or get through the game faster.

Guild Wars 2 is my favorite MMO and I admit I flirted with World of Warcraft, Neverwinter Online, Dragons Prophet, Runes of Magic, Wizardry Online, The Secret World, Star Wars: The Old Republic over the past 12 months and no game has held my attention level like Guild Wars 2 has.

For those who love PVP the only thing about Guild Wars 2 is the lack of depth in the PVP which is still about capturing zones and I would like to see more PVP styles and games where you can set # of kills in 1v1, 2v2 or 4v4 and forget about zones altogether.  The PVP is extremely balanced and everyone has access to all the same gear, skills and sigils/runes instantly all you do is test out your combinations to find what makes you more effective and there is no way to have better gear in PVP than the next player it relies on skill and skill alone.

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