How Do I Contact Tech Companies for Giveaway Partnerships

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For every 30 companies I contact to try and establish a partnership, only 3 or 4 ever respond to my inquiries and only 1 ever generally partners.  You have to showcase ROI for them and what they can get from partnering with you, it is all about showcasing how you can help them by them helping you.  These are not the same as doing single one-shot sponsored guest posts, but are partnerships and usually have a long term.

In these cases your site PageRank is irrelevant to these big companies, only companies that want to buy guest posts for PR juice care about PageRank.  This is about your audience, how much, how many eyes, readers, can get their brand name out.  It is about getting their brand seen, so having the analytics to showcase U/V per month, RSS subscribers, social media followers, showing that you can help increase exposure, grow their own social media accounts.  I have more YouTube Subscribers than Maximum PC now for example.

When possible go for direct person name contacts, not general inquiry emails to sales/press.  Take time to find out regional managers and contact via phone directly.  But also know the companies in your geographic region, so if you are based out of India for example you need to leverage Indian tech companies or companies that can ship or want to grow audience in India.  Knowing where you r site audience is from too is important, know your top 3 referring countries and see if you need to grow audience in certain regions first.

I will say if you get 50,000+ pageviews per month and have at least 3,000-5000+ fans on social media (twitter/facebook/G+/YouTube combined) you should be able to negotiate some partnerships.  I started with the small companies doing iPad/iPhone cases, external batteries, USB hubs…etc and then the bigger companies take notice of my quality reviews and showcases.  I amazon affiliate most products I review and like (if I don’t like a product I am 100% genuine, and I have articles showing products that are not favorable reviews, but I am professional and gentle).

I have analytics showing that I made $4,000+ in sales for a specific companies suite of products over the past 11 months, this from them giving me maybe $300 worth of products to review and another $200 to giveaway.  So after building these types of reports and data to show them, I can show how they get more than they give and it is a mutual benefit.

Build your strategy not about what can a tech company do for you or give you to review or giveaway to your fans, but what can you do for them if they were to partner with you.

Mitra Faridian who has been a staff writer for for a long time helps do many video presentations for my site and do many of the product reviews. She took the time to put together this video presentation on why advertisers should partner with and this is an example of something you should have and put together when you contact advertisers.  Have a PowerPoint presentation, Word Doc or something that shows them why they should partner with you.

Any questions, feel free to ask.

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