3 Online Services For Children To Learn Fast Typing

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The world is becoming more and more dynamic with almost everything being done online.

Our children are growing up in this computer oriented environment and they need to be well equipped with the required typing skills to help them communicate and learn effectively. Therefore, it is important that children learn to be proficient typists. The best way to help children learn to type fast is through online typing tutors for kids.

What to consider when choosing the right online typing tutor for your child

Simple and easy software

Your child may not be a good reader and he/she may need some extra direction. The tool that you choose should be able to provide direction needed. It should have visual typing guide to every step a child is expected to take. For example, they should explain how to put fingers on home row in a pictorial form.

Rich features

Children are fond of colorful interface and love to do serious things when playing. A good typing tutor should have rich features for kids so that as they learn to type they can enjoy playing pleasure and learning pleasure.

Fun involved

Typing tutor should be fun. In most cases, children can spend hours playing video games or watching, but may not want to spend even 10 minutes doing homework. Why? Because it’s boring! Kids typing tutor should have games, contests and fun exercises for them to practice with. This way, it will not be a chore for them to learn to type fast.

Typing tool’s ability to track progress

For you to monitor your Child’s progress in typing, choose a tool that gives you feedback to know how well he/she is learning typing skills.

Typing tool should fit child’s learning and typing speed

A good typing tutor should have various levels that kids can advance to at their own pace.

3 online services for children to learn to type fast:

1. 10fastfingers.com

The site offers 10 steps typing tutorial program that increasingly trains your child on excellent typing skills. This tutor tests kid’s progress after every step making it easy for you to monitor its effectiveness on the child.

This tutor allows children to make use of their typing potential with the use of typing games that are education oriented. These games helps in developing child’s IQ and social skills, help them learn more about animals, history, environment, culture and many more. They develop their typing skills as they play these games. This tutor gives typing speed test to assess their skills.

2. Ratatype.com

This is a fantastic way for children to learn to type fast and is definitely every parent’s pick!

Ratatype.com is a fresh, fun and friendly site offering awesome activities to improve your child’s typing skills and most importantly without giving you a hard time convincing them to learn.

There are lots of screenshots for a kid to view how the service works with awesome features to attract your child. One can choose keyboard’s moving hands and it uses simple and colorful user interface. This tutor offer free online typing test and typing lessons to make learning more fun for your child. After the completion he/she is awarded a certificate. How great!

3. TypingWeb.com

This is tremendously developed typing tutor resource with lots of excellent features. A good tutor should have fun lessons for kids. This is why this tutor comes with bright colors, beautiful animation and music to capture kid’s attention. Not only does it offer touch typing lessons and tutorials but also have numerous typing games.

Apparently, selecting the best typing tutor for your child is very important. This is so because a typing tutor helps in developing excellent typing habit in a child’s early age. Once they develop good typing habit, typing skills and accuracy develops with time making them proficient typists.

About the Author

Written by Adam Fort, freelance writer and school education advisor at AU Education Service Center.

Updated: August 28, 2013 — 6:09 am