What is Our World Lately?

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One can’t help but be frustrated with the state of our country right now, on one hand we are caught with exposed spying of other countries that continues to undermine and weaken our relationships with allies while on the other hand we stand by and wait while Syria continues to eradicate it’s people rather than let a true democracy and spirit rise and replace the corrupted government that exists now.

People can blame Obama all they want and he does share some blame for some of the current events but many of these things were set in motion long before he became president. Our reputation as a nation to rise up for justice and to protect liberty was shaken with our invasion of Iraq under what turned out to be unverified weapons of mass destruction. This now leads countries like Russia to invalidate any claims of chemical warfare being deployed in Syria and my only thoughts are now is not the time for the government to not reveal all it’s cards in the information collected, if there is undeniable proof with hair and tissue samples showing sarin gas was used without a shadow of a doubt then this must be shared with the United Nations and the world, we cannot just say we have proof without showing it anymore, gone are the days where our reputation as a country were enough to warrant trust and the authority of the United States needs to be rebuilt.

We stand in a divided country that is actually very close to being split between one set of beliefs in how the country should run and another on how it should be governed. This freedom of beliefs and division is politics at it’s best and worst, it leaves us fractured and unable to actually reach any meaningful resolutions on either side that isn’t battered into a shell version of itself to help appeal to both parties. This stalemate solution applies even to whether we should take action where it may be warranted in other regions, but I don’t agree that we should go it alone, not when the country has so little support in the region for a military strike.

But when is it enough to intervene and step in? The chemical attacks against it’s citizens is atrocious and surely should have caused more to be appalled and step in against the regime, but what about the genocides in Africa that have little support to stop them or the other atrocities in the various regions? Where is the line where you say if thousands of people are killed by this, we step in, but if thousands are killed in old fashioned genocide, we have no reason to intervene.

It is in this that the United Nations should have been an authority, should have had more teeth, something that stands up for the principles of the world rather than a nation with it’s own vested interests. How can we have the technology we have, and be within decades of having the ability to cure world hunger and many if not most diseases and yet the world is still in such a chaos of killing and ignorance.

I wonder if my kids will ever see a world without hate, a world without war and one where humanity finally rises up to realize we are all one race and all have a vested interest in co-existing in peace on this planet. Corporate greed is not the answer either, but something needs to bring the human race together so that we no longer fight with each other. It may be the only thing that brings humanity together is the actual discovery or interaction with an alien species not of this world, discovery if life abroad or perhaps a visit from such life abroad will put the whole world into a status of removing the us vs. us mentality. Some Science Fiction pipe dream perhaps, but it may just be enough to shock most of us into striving for unity as a species rather than silo’d nations vying for power and control.

These are my rantings for the week, and I for one am sick of all the bloodshed, villainy and evil in the world and it exists right here at home as much as abroad. Though my heart goes out to the millions of displaced Syrians and families permanently affected by the civil war. What is our world if it doesn’t come to the greater resolutions and find a way to remove dictatorships, tyranny and for all of us to work together toward becoming something greater than the individual.

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