Guild Wars 2 Goals for the Weekend

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I look forward to my Guild Wars 2 time on the weekend with my kids who typically don’t get to play their laptops during the week to keep them focused on school, so my son and I set goals for our Guild Wars 2 characters each weekend.  This builds excitement and anticipation for when we go questing together and this weekends goals we are planning on diving into some 1V1 PVP which we didn’t get a chance to try when it was released last weekend.


Though my Sylvari Sorcerer pictured above was the character we focused on most last weekend, my son and I decided to take on some Charr characters out for a spin and Gorghost my Charr Necromancer was born.


The goals for this weekend are to get Gorghost up to level 20 and compete in some PVP matches to earn both daily achievements and get closer to my 2,500 achievement where I can get the large chest goal.  I really like that Guild Wars 2 has a combined account wallet now, and ironically the new anniversary for characters is coming out in the next week and my youngest and myself have a character from the beginning that will receive the 1 year character anniversary award.

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Updated: August 15, 2013 — 1:18 pm