2 Kingston Hard Drive Giveaways Compared

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I like it when I can run a giveaway where the variables are very similar especially when testing a giveaway between two platforms.  So when I had another chance to giveaway a Kingston SSD drive to a Dragon Blogger fan I knew I wanted to really test PromoSimple against Punchtab which I had used the last time I gave away a Kingston SSD Drive.

Now some factors have changed, my following has grown in the past 6 months on social media so that could influence the numbers to be higher but with PromoSimple now having the refer-a-friend option which Punchtab didn’t and Punchtab removing the entry per click from refer a friend to reduce spam entries and fraud, both platforms were on a pretty even playing field.

Here was the total results of the Kingston SSD Drive Giveaways:


You can see that the Punchtab giveaway had 6605 entries and 331 unique users entering the giveaway, the low number of users to entries (an average of 19 entries per person) is because the refer-a-friend allowed someone to share a link and get entries just by others clicking on the link.  This inflated entries per user quite a bit.

in PromoSimple the total entries were 11,846 with 1,299 unique people entering, this is an average of 9 entries per person and this is significantly higher and a better ratio as you always care more about the number of entrants than the number of entries in most cases as those are new eyes for your site or sponsors and unique individuals.  It is like how Unique Visits for your site are the more important metric than pageviews, though both are important.

With the refer-a-friend plan this also officially put PromoSimple as the best giveaway platform provided you are using the Bronze plan or above.  As a free platform Punchtab still has an edge with refer-a-friend being a free option.  PromoSimple however has just too many great features and ironically I got hundreds of Pinterest followers too which is a network I have been meaning to grow just haven’t spent a lot of time on yet.

The next comparison is my Google Nexus 7 giveaway which is currently running on PromoSimple with all my previous ones being run on the Punchtab platform to compare those.  It will be even more interesting to see how that one comes out.

In the meantime, I highly recommend PromoSimple if you run giveaways and if you want to get 20% off the Bronze plan for the first 3 months just use code DragonBlogger2013

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