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My Blog Guest which is a guest blogging service to help bloggers find articles to use for their website now has the ability to filter for users who have updated to using the Google Authorship in their profiles, this means each contributor article can link back to an actual Google+ author profile and the rel=author tag can be used for the author.


Google wizened up to all the guest blogging going on where fake author bios were being created left and right just to get backlinks added to blog posts online everywhere.  So as a policy they set up terms of service giving preference to actual verifiable authorship.  As a real author and person’s account is tied to the content this reduces the spam and likely will allow Google to better track the quality and type of content specific authors produce online. 

For now, this means you can either create a separate WordPress profile for each and every verified Google Plus author contributing an article in My Blog Guest, or you can just leverage the provided bio and make sure you don’t have any automated code or manually theme updates that would create conflicting Google Plus rel=author links in the article.   (IE, if you modified your theme to add rel=author to your authors name on the post, then you need to create separate WordPress profile for your My Blog Guest author).

imageIn the meantime, My Blog Guest continues to be a source I go to when I need some filler articles for my sites when I know I am not going to produce enough content in a given week, or I have a vacation upcoming I tend to find a few guest articles to help make sure some content is being produced.  There is a higher quality of articles listed than on many other sites I have used.  I use Post Runner for WordPress and occasionally I get one or two good articles from that service but the majority is crap compared to the consistently high quality articles you can find in the My Blog Guest articles gallery.

The ability to instantly filter and sort by category or just search for all articles in a keyword make it simple, though I do wish they had a timestamp showing how old the article is and long it has been in the gallery.

imageMy Blog Guest does however quickly show which are verified authors and the rating system is well established, if you see an author with a high rating you know you are going to get a decent article.  You get your META description, tags, Title and Alternate title and many of the articles have royalty-free images that were found and added to the article for you to save time as well.

All content is Copyscape scanned before it ever gets listed in the gallery, but on occasion I did find a previously published My Blog Guest article had been fished to another site once or twice after the fact and there is no way to prevent this, but it shouldn’t really matter in any case.

If you need a guest article and you want to mostly comply with Google Terms of Service, then My Blog Guest is a good choice.  I say mostly comply because content creators still produce content for the dofollow backlink in the article or author bio.  Technically Google ToS would require those backlinks to be nofollow, but let’s face it people are still trying to get dofollow backlinks and nobody would be producing guest posting articles in 99% of the cases if it wasn’t for a dofollow backlink, just remember that you are getting a free article in exchange for giving them a backlink, it is a mutual exchange.

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