Guild Wars 2 Gaming Weekend

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My kids are both very excited that tomorrow starts the Guild Wars 2 gaming weekend.  I promised my two boys that we would all wait and create characters together at the same time on Saturday August 25th and we all have the client installed and updated so we can get started right away.


I hope the game is at least as good as the original Guild Wars, that’s I all I need for it to meet my expectations and also maybe that my 5 year old won’t have too hard a time playing it as Runes of Magic was still a bit difficult for him.

I caught up on all my work this week and even had as many blog posts as I could write at night (thanks to not being able to sleep from my cold earlier in the week) so I can game away blissfully.

-Justin Germino

Reminder to myself, need to pick up a few canisters of the Starbucks Green Refreshers Energy Drinks, these things are AWESOME and come in the best flavors.

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