Accent Lighting for Kitchen or Bathrooms

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I honestly didn’t put much thought into accent lighting, my typical idea of lighting a room is just flipping the switch on and a bulb glowing brightly overhead which causes my eyes to squint in reaction in the middle of the night.

But after putting more thought into it I certainly see the value of potentially adding LED accent lighting to a room not only to add visual appeal but give you just enough lighting to see what you need to without being to abrupt.


Sometimes in the dark at night when you want to get yourself some fruit (yeah right) or a drink of water you really end up wishing you installed kick lights so there could be some illumination on the floor to watch where you are stepping but nothing so bright it hurts your eyes.

They are also helpful for making sure you don’t step on a scorpion that may be wandering your floor which happens too often in my household.  Imagine having some floor accent lighting like the one in the photo above in your kitchen that way you can have all the lights off while watching a movie in the living room, and you wouldn’t need to turn the lights on to get a beverage!

I did get some ideas and may consider putting in some accent LED lighting in the future at some point if I put a budget together for it (I am not known for being a great handy man) but this may be something I can figure out and install.  Staircases would be an excellent area to have accent lighting on the floor in the middle of the night.

I actually had my fire alarm go off the other day and fortunately it was one of the upstairs one (and just a battery low alert) but I would have raced down the stairs so quick I could have tripped without the lights on, so maybe I should have considered adding some floor lighting or something to help illuminate the steps.

Does any of my readers have accent lighting in rooms in their home and did you install it yourself, or have a professional do it?

-Justin Germino

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