The Best iPhone Belt Clip Case

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When I got a cheapy $5 iPhone belt clip case my wife had immediately pointed out the error I had made.  The glass front of the iPhone case faced outward with no protection so that if I were to bump into a desk or table the iphone glass could crack easily.  There were also other issues with the iPhone glass facing outward in that if a text came in even while the iPhone was locked, it would be visible to anyone looking at my hip.

So I did some research and found the best iPhone belt clip case that I could find and I succeeded with the OtterBox Universal Defender Case which at $20.98 on right now wasn’t that expensive and is well worth the price.

The case is sturdy with a belt clip component that rotates a full 360 degrees.


The sleeve you put over the phone can take a few minutes to install properly, but once it is on it is extremely snug and secure.


Then you have the option of putting the phone in the case on your hip either screen facing your body for extra protection.


Or for quick reading, you can face the screen outward.


I was very pleased with the phone and you have access to the volume buttons easily while it is still in the clip on your belt.  The only issue that I may have with the OtterBox Universal Defender Case is that it has a protective screen that slides over the actual phone screen which makes you have to press a tad harder than normal for your finger strokes to get recognized but this is very minor.

If you are looking for an iPhone 4S protective belt clip case, you won’t do better than the OtterBox Universal Defender Case.

-Justin Germino

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