Got my Butt Handed to Me in Star Craft 2

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Okay so my son and I decided to play some multiplayer games in Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm last weekend, and there is something most frustrating and humbling when you realize that you can rock the single player campaign and have a great time but you epically suck at multi-player.  The skill and insane effort of strategy almost ruin the fun of multiplayer as instead of being able to just explore and build, there is literally like a series of keystrokes, movements and order of events that you must follow or you lose every time.  It is like the opening match of a chess game except in real time, there is a set amount of moves, always the same ones, always the same order and if you are seconds too late, hit a wrong key, get distracted, you are on the losing end of a match.

Queen of Blades

The worst part is even playing against 1 medium AI beat the living crap out of us and we managed to keep ourselves alive originally on the offensive for almost 2 years in one of our longest multi-player matches that still ended in our defeat.

Starcraft 2 is just not for me on multi-player, casual at best, but I don’t have the time to become very good at it, it is too hard and way too much of an exact order of events type of thing.  I much prefer turn based strategy with finite number of movements/actions per turn instead of real time it would seem, it is getting harder to keep up with the gamers who can play 23 hours a day for a week and become experts when I barely have 2 to 3 hours per week to play.

The campaign however is better than ever, and I actually only buy the Starcraft 2 games for the campaign missions, and some quick easy AI co-op with my son.  I wish Star Craft 2 offered co-op campaign like Warhammer 40K Dawn of War 2 games did.

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