What I Think of You as a Blogger

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It is odd when people ask me what I think of their blog and the quality of their content, my first gut reaction is why would they care?  I am just a part time blogger who does this as a hobby, my opinion is irrelevant really.  If you are happy with it, and you are enjoying it then my philosophy would be not to care what other people think. 

In most cases it is just my professional opinion, probably whether I think their content is high quality, or the subject they write about is good, or maybe just whether or not I enjoy their content.  Truth is, blogging is like any writing medium, it is an art form of expression, unlike journalism blogging gives you the freedom to write however you want, say whatever you want, be opinionated, and even write sloppy and in slang if that is your online style and shtick.  Sure there are basic grammar rules and English sentence structures to be used, but in general you can be fairly flexible.

You want to know what I think of you as a blogger, If you are a blogger you are a peer, plain and simple.  You are expressing and sharing your views with others in an attempt to either help them with their problems, voice your own opinions just for the sake of it, or maybe for some form of therapeutic benefit or maybe you are trying to carve out a space online to earn a little extra online.  Either way I wish you luck, as long as you are ethical, honest, and respectful then you are respected in my book and I think you are cool.

Now, there is a lot of room online for all sorts of content and even though some content may not be my cup of tea, there is room for almost any of it provided it isn’t pure violent, offensive, hate speech or other content.  I truly believe in the freedom of expression and freedom of speech, but I don’t believe your freedom of speech but like I read somewhere, freedom to say anything you want doesn’t make you immune to repercussions for libel or hate speech which can carry penalties beyond just reputation and being labeled.  Use your freedom of speech wisely and be respectful, or if you are trying to be the blogging equivalent of a shock jock, then you are welcome to do your thing, it just isn’t my cup of tea.

Truth is I get a lot of requests from people on what I think of their blog, and most of it I assume is about cosmetics of the theme, logo, style, layout some of it about content.  I am always honest and respectful, whether I think a logo is a little too blurry, or there could be less clutter in a sidebar or if I think there could be more substance to the content.  I do always however present my opinion respectfully and even more respect that they would even ask for my opinion, because if you are actually asking my opinion then for some reason you care what I think. 

Good for you for caring, but no matter what always know that as long as you are happy with your blog and what you are writing, that is all that matters.

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