New Goals for the House

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So I have hitched 2014 onto some new goals and that would be to get an in-ground pool installed in the backyard for the house.  This is a lofty goal but I am excited for the challenge to be able to meet the goal, some of the goal can only be met if I can bring in enough blogging income to offset some of the costs so will be causing me to divert some of my surplus blog funds into this new goal.

This doesn’t stop me from having my gadget giveaways, but I will be doing a little less experimentation with paid services and trimming down blogging services that aren’t absolutely essential to bringing in growth opportunities for my blogging.  This means I will be cancelling my Alexa subscription which I have confirmed after less than 60 days does almost nothing to increase your blog traffic nor benefit your actual Alexa ranking, in fact the certified Alexa rankings are worse than the non-certified ones in my case for some of my blogs.

Hopefully this time next year a new pool will be installed, will I be able to make my goal?

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Updated: May 20, 2013 — 1:30 pm